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There is no place like Hilo , located on the east coast of the Island of Hawaii, also known as the ‘Big Island’; the largest  of the  eight islands that make up the State of Hawaii.

  • Hilo occupies approximatedly 25 square miles of land on the slopes of Mauna Kea (White Mountain -  13,796 ft. from sea level),  the tallest mountain in the world, measured 33,000 ft.  from the mountain’s oceanic base.
  • Mauna Kea provides a picturesque back drop, emerging from a green belt of forest growing along the upper slopes above Hilo Town
  •  Hilo has a population of 45,000 residents,  a ‘melting pot’ of all races and creeds.


  • Two killer tsunamis struck Hilo on April 1, 1941 and in May 1960.  The town may have  survived the tsunamis, but many of its residence,  unfortunately did not survive the tidal waves.


The tsunami of 1960 wiped out the businesses at the corner where local farmers  now market their produce.  Enjoy life and all the fresh goods sold at the Hilo Farmer’s Market Place.